Humanity Deserves Better

Is it wrong or just plain sad that I don’t want to give up my mask wearing as I don’t trust humans to do the right thing and get the shot so my kid doesn’t land in a hospital and that we can actually end this dang pandemic?

I have a child who is capable of wearing a mask all day long at school and even out on the playground at recess. Why is she more grown up than the humans that think that they are better than the weakest link in our society?

I know of too many that are not yet fully vaccinated and I don’t have a desire to carry any kind of germ that might make my child turn blue. Have you seen what a lack of oxygen can do to a child’s skin color? Have you ever heard of cancer and immune compromised diseases? Those are people too and deserve the human decency of kind humans that think of them too!

If this opinion helps me cull my friends and family list great have a nice fun life without me in it! I don’t need humans to be around me that cannot think about the rest of humanity! Feeling sort of Grinch like today as I launch my Friday trying to figure out how to live in a bubble forever that only kind humans are allowed into…

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