Amazing Race Partner…

I love watching old episodes of the Amazing Race… I just totally made myself laugh out loud when I saw a girl and her Dad come in last place on a non-elimination round…

I am just really grateful to not be racing around the globe with one of my parents… I don’t really think I could do the amazing race… and I for sure couldn’t do it with one of my parents. We would drive each other so crazy! I am so much of a planner, I am thinking I need to up my game in being spontaneous! I have traveled some with my parents over the years and I am guessing there are going to be more adventures to come.

If my Dad and I were racing around the world we would likely lose in the first round as we would have both packed way too much stuff and we couldn’t run let alone race with all of it on our backs. Dad would likely go much farther than me as he likes to run however the amount of stuff he packs would likely slow him significantly! My hubby could attest to the fact that I always pack way too much for even a weekend away. I am sure that Dad and I would be driven crazy by trying to have everything with us that we might possibly need no matter the conditions of where we were traveling. Also he doesn’t deal well with me getting hangry and I get hangry when not fed properly!

If my Mom and I were racing around the world we would likely just drive each other crazy! I love her but she and I don’t travel well together… as witnessed by both my sisters over the years! I have for sure loved traveling and I am likely to have Mom to blame for some of my amazing memories as she has taken me lots of places over my years on this planet. I would guess that she would likely want to give me a time out or speed bump without her on the Amazing race. She and I have had our ups and downs and we have stories for days of the “fun” we have had while on vacation when I didn’t do what was expected of me. I do believe she and I will always be grateful I have grown up and I don’t have to do homework anymore on vacation while we are gone. Again I like my routines so much that it would likely be hard to be spontaneous on the Amazing race with my Mom.

If I were to pick someone to go racing with on Amazing Race it also would not be my husband. Chris and I stress each other out when trying to read a map… Legit I cannot read a map well and I do a poor job of following instructions unless the map is a visual that I can follow some of the time. Granted our honeymoon trip went well after we got over the initial introduction to flying together and driving in our first ever rental car. Yes, truly our honeymoon was the first time we got on a plane together and rented a car. Reading the map in our rental car in the busy airport of Atlanta was not the way to figure out we each have a role to fill when traveling. My role should never be reading the map or trying to connect the electronic device together to get directions for the next stop! I swear the Amazing Race would get us hopelessly on each other’s last nerve.

I have always joked with my childhood bff Lisa, that she and I could likely not kill each other on this show. I don’t think that is true anymore… seriously I am annoying when hangry and tired. Plus I really do like routine and plans and this show has none of that. No routine, no plan, how am I going to find my next meal? And all those yucky challenges where you have to eat gross things… I am pretty sure we would both get sick while trying to do this show. Maybe Lisa and I should stick to vacation at the beach and not expect to go off road without plans for where our identifiable dinner is going to be coming from when I get hangry.

My college bff and I have had the enjoyment of quite a bit of travel together. If I had to do this show she would likely be the best person to put up with me. Yep, honestly she and I have had many travel adventures over the last 20 plus years. I cannot wait until she and I can find time to adventure together again… likely not Amazing Race style though as again… hangry and tired Kate is an unpleasant experience. Kelli could attest to the less than stellar travel companion I am when tired or hungry. I am beyond grateful for the adventures she and I have been on together over the last couple decades. I am guessing there will be a few more traveling trips she and I go on in the years to come. However I just cannot wait to see her and hug her sometime soon!

Traveling is an adventure, one that with me is a come at your own expenses kind of deal. Don’t say you have not been warned, feed me and let me get some sleep we could likely be okay but those two are critical when traveling with me. As for the Amazing Race I think I will just stick to watching the reruns and enjoying the scenery through the eyes of the camera lenses.

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