Flash Back Friday to January 2015


Well where did January go? How did I miss a whole month without a post? I guess I was busy wrapping up the year as president of the Saint Paul Jaycees. I also tried to slow my pace and reconnect with my husband and daughter. Chris asked me on January 1st what my resolution was for the year and the answer was to spend more time with the two of them.

I feel like I accomplished that as Mackenzie and I read more stories and had more laughs together in the month of January. She is a bundle of fun and excitement these days. She thinks “so big” is a really fun game when she wants to play it. She appears close to walking soon and moves along the furniture going over or around anything in her way. She is going to be one this month; how is that possible?

In January I also had two dates with Chris where Mackenzie spent an overnight away from us; thanks go out to my sisters for making that possible. The first date was back on January 10th as Chris and I got dressed up and headed out to the year-end gala for the Saint Paul Jaycees. It was a wonderful night handing over the gavel, swearing in the new president and listening to an inspiring speech from a local community leader Jordan Crosser, from MN Miss Amazing. Plus my date was really good looking! DSCN3163The second date was an overnight spent in Red Wing where we stayed at the Saint James Hotel. We had a wonderful time discovering the city. January was a good month and it looks like February is going to be a fabulous one too… Both Chris and Mackenzie get birthday celebrations this month!




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