Thanksgiving, Santa and Christmas decorations

Mackenzie met Santa during a visit to Chris’ parents for Thanksgiving.

I need to take a moment before telling you about our busy holiday weekend to share what I am thankful for this year.

A time to stop and enjoy time with family over a long holiday weekend is one of the things I am so thankful for this year! We were lucky to see so much family and we even had an exclusive meeting with Santa.

Additional things I’m thankful for this year are my many friends and awesome opportunities. This year as president of the Saint Paul Jaycees has been wonderful as well! Thank you to all my friends near and far for helping me make this year such an amazing one.

This year brings the joy of seeing our little girl Mackenzie with all our families! It’s so much fun to bring her laughter and smiles with us wherever we go. She truly is one of the best reasons for me to be thankful this day and all year.

I am also constantly in awe of the man I was lucky enough to snag and convince him to be my husband. He is an awesome partner in my crazy life. He makes me laugh like no one else can. Chris is an outstanding father to Mackenzie and it has been so much fun to see their bond growing throughout this year. So much to be thankful for this year!

Thanksgiving day – Prior Lake

The long holiday weekend kicked-off with peeling more than 10 pounds of potatoes for our contribution to dinner: company mashed potatoes. We brought those to Aileen and Jim’s house (my parents). It was a big crowd this year at the Thanksgiving gathering, but not quite as large as some years. Grandma Cannon, my sisters Linda, Elizabeth, and Taylor were there, brothers Jeff and Matt along with my brother-in-law Jayme and Taylor’s boyfriend Mike. We all ate plenty and had tons of leftovers! Mackenzie had a great time seeing family and showing off her crawling and pulling-herself-to-standing skills.

Friday – Saint Paul

Friday we had so much fun cleaning the house and rearranging furniture we decided to invite a few people over for beverages and pizza in the evening! It was a good time to see my other parents Dave and Anne, my sister Linda, my uncle Mike and cousin Luke. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any photos because we were having so much fun.

Saturday – Bricelyn

Saturday we packed up the car and drove to Bricelyn to see Chris’ family: his parents Gloria and Kenny, his sister Angie, her husband Matt and their two boys Henry and Charlie. It was great to all get together and have some yummy appetizers and homemade potato soup. After lunch we got a special visit from Santa. The kids were very surprised to see him and they had a great time meeting and posing for photos. Santa was also kind enough to bring a few gifts the kids had the excitement of opening. It was a wonderful time seeing family and enjoying some time with Santa too! Plus, Gloria got our family matching Christmas stockings… those are now hung with care on the bookshelf as we don’t have a fireplace.

Sunday – decorating

Sunday was a nice day to get the Christmas tree up and decorated. We had to pause in the middle of decorating for a much needed power nap. When Mackenzie decides it is time to nap, that is what you do. I love having the tree up and the lights set on a timer. It is wonderful to both wake up and go to bed to a lit Christmas tree. I cannot wait to see what fun we have with Mackenzie this year as we experience her first Christmas. Enjoy your holidays and the blessings in your life; I know I certainly am.


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