Volunteering Passion This Week’s Project

I have been told I have a passion for volunteering by a few people. This week it was my Dad that said it to me. He is helping me with my volunteering passion by watching my kiddo during this latest adventure. Yep, I have family helping me all around with this week's volunteering event. Mom [...]

New Chapters

Ever start a book and put it down as you were not sure you would like the next chapter? How about the book slipping down next to you because it is so good you fell asleep reading it? Well for me both of those things have happened, but I am so happy to say the [...]

Kindness in 2018

Since the month of January is coming close to the end I figure I may as well throw my word of the year out there into the universe:  KINDNESS! That is a fun word . How do you make it part of your everyday life? Well for me I am journaling more -- Kindness to [...]