100 Happy Days of Flowers and Plants

My girl also loves to smell the flowers with me... Over the years I have enjoyed planting flowers as well as viewing them. Some of my favorite vacation memories are wandering about and exploring the new flora around me in a new setting. I think I want to revisit my 100 happy days from 2015 [...]

Memories that make me smile

Another blog post that didn't get published as it just needed some small tweaks... Here is Blog 9 of 10 total... in the last few weeks... Ever have one of those days, weeks, months, or even years that make you sad and smile at the same time as your remember someone important in your life [...]

Summer 2017 Wrapup

The summers begin with Memorial Day and end with Labor Day each year. Maybe not technically if you look at the equinox calendar but most of the people I know think of those holidays as the beginning and end of summer. One of my favorite places to be is the farmhouse my mother-in-law lives in [...]