She’s growing up… and I’m not ready for her to go to school yet…

She graduated from her Pre-K program last week. She has been in this "school/daycare" place for the last few years since we transitioned to a local to us school and it has been great for her. She has learned so much and will continue to learn a ton more this summer! I am not ready [...]

New Routines

FOUND THIS UNPUBLISHED BLOG FROM 2014 that seemed like a good one to get out of the draft status this morning as I get the blog updated... Daycare for Mackenzie and me going back to work have necessitated new routines. We are more than three weeks into the "routine" and no two days really have [...]

Volunteering Success

Last summer, before I was pregnant with Mackenzie, I was asked to be the 2014 president of the Saint Paul Jaycees -- a local community service organization for young professionals. I told Chris I would accept the position, but it wasn't going to stop the fact that I wanted to add to our family with [...]