Running Away to the backyard or the crawl space

I took a giant leap in my career from corporate America to the non-profit world this year. I feel like I am running towards something that I have been called to do for quite some time. Be an accountant for a non-profit that matches my sense of self. Corporate America and I had a good [...]

Hope and Smiles

Hope and smiles are getting me through this long week. Yes, I'm aware it is only Tuesday. Sometimes it doesn't matter the outcome but rather the journey. Just remember to smile and have hope that your loved ones will get you through the long road. And in the meantime say a prayer that all goes [...]

A good day to rest

The rain on the windows has me wanting to rest... I may lay down for a nap on this beautifully gloomy day. In the meantime before I fall asleep for a couple hours I am going to capture some of my thoughts on this whole stay home order from the MN governor. I am grateful [...]