Weird Hats

I am now a part of a really old Cathedral’s workforce. The hats I get to wear at this place are really fun. There is one in particular that weirds me out a little bit. I have never really considered myself a salesperson. However with this new role came the advantage of adding to this skill set with a different spin. I am now in charge of selling permanent real estate in the Columbarium walls at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral in Minneapolis.

Yep, as in your ashes can remain forever in perpetuity in the walls of an amazingly lovely home. You can visit these walls and see for yourself my new real estate that is for sale. Yep, isn’t that morbid… I sell spots for your ashes to live. In all reality, I wouldn’t mind haunting the Cathedral in my after life as it has amazing music and humans that run the show at the Cathedral.

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