Running Away to the backyard or the crawl space

I took a giant leap in my career from corporate America to the non-profit world this year. I feel like I am running towards something that I have been called to do for quite some time. Be an accountant for a non-profit that matches my sense of self. Corporate America and I had a good run; nearly 20 years. I find that a smaller environment is likely the best for me. Corporate America is great but I wanted to try a new challenge with a place that felt right for me and my family.

The backyard was where I was privileged to start my time with Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral back in early May. The 2020 year being what it is with a Global pandemic that is raging and taking lives before it should is not good at all. I was allowed to start the job completely remotely! How incredible and such a blessing to have that be the case. I landed at a space that is safe and feels like the home I have been looking for a while now. The coworkers are incredible and I am blessed to be amongst amazing humans at work on a daily basis.

As we move into the winter months here in MN at the end of 2020 I am not spending as much time in my backyard working… however, maybe I can close out the year in my newly cleaned out crawl space area hunkering in for a fun year end close at my newer to me job.

I really thought in 2013 when I changed jobs it would be the last time. My stop at the Bloomington, MN job I had only last a little over 4.5 years. That was honestly where I thought I would be retiring from… now maybe two other stops later I have landed where I can work until I retire? I sure hope so as the humans that inhabit this space are so welcoming! I am grateful to be amongst people that are in the business of making humans whole with the help of God.

Turns out politics and things from Corporate America have followed me to this new role too. Seven months in I am finding that humans are still human even when God is involved in the equation. The grass is not greener on the other side of the coin but dang do I love my new home and the people that fill the space up with Joy! I am wishing humans would live without sin, but I know I am grateful for the fact that Jesus died to save us all from sin. There is sin and it is in the building. In fact I regularly use a swear word or two; as listen it is still work and I get frustrated! Plus my black and white Accountant type A personality has room for growth in the world of forgiving other humans being human.

In this time of social distancing and staying away from those we love most I find I want to go back to my childhood joys… Camping… So I think we may just run away as a family and go camping to celebrate my liberation from Corporate America as I run to the non-profit world instead. Camping in the living room or the crawl space as we close out 2020 in the next few weeks sounds rather nice. I might have to set up the tent indoors under the lights of the Christmas tree!

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