New Zyia Adventures in 2020

While the world is living through a pandemic I have taken on new adventures in my world of work this year. I am so grateful to have found new to me but comfortable places to grow and learn. Not only have I taken a leap into the non-profit world for my day job but I have also started working on my people to people selling skills.

I made a decision for my birthday to leap into something new to me. Zyia Active Wear is my new uniform of comfort and style. Shopping for clothes has always been one of my least favorite things to do. Why not just make it easy and do it from the comfort of my home in my yoga pants. Literally I shop for new Zyia leggings and it comes to my home via the mail! Sounds perfect to me plus I can help other people enjoy the comfort I have found in this brand.

The Zyia uniform is way better than the school uniform I wore until 4th grade. I can get behind a uniform that consists of active wear that can be worn to the office. Yep, I wore my plum joggers to work yesterday. I am so grateful for a comfortable option that can also be dressed up with a cardigan. Let me know if I can help you find some comfort via the clothes you wear to close out your 2020.

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