Seriously I cannot sleep because I am hungry…

I should probably just go get a snack so I can sleep for a few hours… instead I am hiding in my room trying to force myself to sleep. It isn’t working instead I am blogging and fighting my with my hunger and insomnia. Yep, this is now hour 4 of trying to sleep and not go shovel in a bowl of ice cream… this low carbohydrate day 5 is kicking my butt!!!! But I have been so good for 5 days I don’t want to ruin it at 2 am… wish me luck in not finding an unhealthy snack at this hour of the night. And or being able to shut my brain and my stomach up enough to allow me to sleep some tonight.

This blog post was started a few weeks back – I am sleeping so much better well except for last night as I fell asleep before removing the dog’s noisy collar. So we will just call yesterday’s nap my compensation for waking up way too early when the dog shook her collar and woke me up way before the alarm was even close to going off. I am finding that the low carb options I have been consuming lately have helped with my ability to sleep. In fact I was able to sleep in yesterday until 9 am. Yes, I slept in and also took a nap on Sunday; it is a day of rest right?

The food options and choices are getting easier as the pounds have been falling off. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I have never taken on a challenge like this one where I work to cut out carbs. It has not been easy but I am happy with the results and I am so glad I have a hubby that is supporting me as I choose healthier options each and everyday. Eggs, cheese, meat and vegetables have become my main options and I am so happy that they have been working. I never would have guessed that 5 weeks of low to not many carbs would lead to 10 pounds of weight loss. While I am not sure that these choices are sustainable for the long term I am super grateful for the ability to have the self control to stick to not having candy and cookies as my go to like I had been doing for years.

Even if I am awake today when I shouldn’t be quite yet I am grateful to be sleeping much better and to not be staying awake due to hunger. I have figured out the right snacks to eat to keep me full longer and to allow me to get to goals that I need to achieve. Longer and better sleep and more energy to last longer most days. Thank goodness also for a super supportive good looking hubby that has been helping me to achieve these goals! I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime while working on new lessons learned of good things for me and our family!

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