Days 13 and 14 of 100 happy days

Who knew that volunteering would lead to so many awesome things in my life! Flowers being one of the highlights… Through a volunteer organization I met a woman that runs her own floral business that is now also a fabulous wife and mother. She creates beauty in her basement for others to share with the world.

Christine does amazing work – she has helped me with arrangements for volunteer events, she does flowers for the Excel Center and anything you can think of a need for flowers she has you covered. If you need an arrangement for any reason she can help you out and she has helped me many times and will continue to be my go to source of flower arrangements!

I met Christine many years ago before either of us was married. I was lucky enough to meet her because she was dating one of the St Paul Jaycees past presidents Quinn Kolb. This volunteer organization is pretty incredible to me as well as many others. I met my husband due to his involvement with the St Paul Jaycees; (thanks Mom for telling me to date a volunteer).

Christine’s Floral Touch became our wedding florist and my go to for happy flowers to be brought to others… Need an arrangement for Thanksgiving – call or text Christine she will get you taken care of in a hurry. Need flowers for your Grandma for her birthday she has you covered! Need an arrangement for your hubby’s new office… she will take care of you over and above what you would expect.

2018 Thanksgiving arrangement by Christine’s Floral Touch
Arrangement for Chris’ new office… thanks Christine for being awesome!

Anyhow this lady has provided many happy smiles and days because of the flowers she has arranged. By the way this is not a sponsored ad, it is just because I want to share the joy Christine has shared with me over the years since I am blogging about this topic of plants and flowers. I am grateful for the volunteering connection the Jaycees have provided me over the last nine years. I am also so glad for all the leadership opportunities I have been presented with because of this organization. Get out there and volunteer and meet new people it is well worth the effort you never know where you will find joy and happy days!

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