A piece of my childhood

As a child I spent many Sundays with my paternal grandparents Norma and Harold Shannon. I was lucky enough to attend Sunday school and enjoy lunch with Grandma and Grandpa after church services at their home in my childhood. The church building hasn’t changed much and is still a very welcoming place. The building has aged as I have and I still find that I can bring a smile to my face when I am there.

I have found myself enjoying time at this church with my kiddo in recent years. We lost my grandma 3 years ago this month and there has been a pull for me to visit this place of my childhood ever since. I find that each spring since my Grandma’s passing I am pulled back to this place of my childhood.

I do believe that the day long retreat that I participated in yesterday at this church of my childhood was good for me. I also believe that my girl and I will be heading back to this church more often in the coming years because it is a place that brings me peace and calm. Plus I am pretty sure my girl had a wonderful time making friends and running around the church basement yesterday. So grateful for a day of calm peaceful reflection while remembering so many happy Sundays of my childhood in this place.

May you find peace and calm with memories of your childhood. Enjoy this Sunday and find time to hug the ones you love tightly!

Photo Scavenger Hunting with my girl

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