I should be sleeping

  • Instead I’m doing the following:
    • Grocery Shopping
    • Playing with my new blog
    • Looking at Facebook and seeing awesome new photos from Shelley in my inbox as well as reviewing old ones on her website that make me smile
    • Ordering said groceries from Amazon
    • Looking for books to read
    • Watching a movie
    • Yep, the white noise podcast didn’t put me back to sleep yet
    • I need to try to go back to sleep and then the brain kicks in
    • Picked out what I am wearing for work tomorrow – or wait later this morning…
    • Plotting my speech for later this month
    • Plotting my de-cluttering moves… really not getting anywhere on this project
    • Contemplating turning on the work computer to get a few things done – don’t do it the work week will be here before I know it
    • Making lists of things that will never get done
    • Making lists of items to keep track of for myself
    • Contemplating updating my annual budget file… yep it is February and I still haven’t done this yet
    • Considering should I go get the groceries I didn’t get yesterday and that Amazon isn’t bringing later this week
    • Emailing my husband about a book he has been looking for to see if it is the right one
    • I get a lot done while I should be sleeping – now maybe since so much has been done I could sleep another couple more hours?

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