Cinderella’s story is overrated

Cinderella the girl turned princess when she met her prince is a story we have all heard all our lives. I am pretty sure that finding prince charming doesn’t always work out for every girl the way she dreamed it would when she grew up. We all likely imagine that our prince will find us someday and take us to the castle to live happily ever after.

In my twenties I was for sure not Cinderella and now as I approach 40 this year I am still most definitely not her… but I am kind of glad. One of my favorite movie quotes of all time comes from the Movie Pretty Woman. “Who does it work out for?” Asks Vivian, the character Julia Roberts, my favorite actress plays in this movie. If you have never seen the movie… I don’t know if we can still be friends. Vivian’s prostitute friend and roommate Kit responds, “Cinder-fucking-rella” Seriously no ones real life actually works out like the movies… In the end of Pretty Woman and the Cinderella story hidden in that movie it works out for Vivian as she is rescued by her prince Edward. I would say I have ended up exactly where I needed to as I have the love of an amazing man that puts up with my stuff and makes me better by being part of my life.

Is the story Chris and I are writing one of fairy tales – heck no! It is real life and it is full of ups and downs and I wouldn’t want any other person beside me for the life lessons we are learning together. Chris makes me so proud on the regular. He spends endless hours cleaning, taking care of our girl, and he is always working to make himself better with diet and exercise choices. I am beyond blessed with the man that has chosen to be in my life and continues to chose me each and every day. I am sure there are days he might wish he picked a Cinderella that cleans the house on the regular. He has me instead and he likely does more house work than me but I am pretty sure we make an incredible team in life. I will take my story any day over that of the one with the Cinderella Happily Ever After, because my Prince comes with the name Chris and I am extremely blessed in the lessons he has taught me. Hug the ones you love, me I am going to hug my Good Looking hubby and remember that I am so lucky to have him in my life.

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