Animals – My Cinderella Story Continued

Yep, Cinderella had mice friends and a dog and a horse that turned into helpful critters to make her dreams come true. Me I have Zaley; the first ever pet of my very own. She is a rescue that Chris let me get shortly after moving in with him back in the beginnings of our live in relationship. I don’t think it was a full four months that we had been living together before I convinced him we should get a rescue mutt. Yep, Zaley came with the name and I was smitten upon first seeing her on the website Safe Hands Animal Rescue. 

She has been a great dog for many years now – recently she turned 8 years old and Mackenzie our daughter loved making sure that she got puppy ice cream for her puppy birthday. Good thing Zaley doesn’t know when her actual birthday is as we went to bed forgetting to give our puppy her ice cream treat on the day Chris and I have decided is her birthday. We got that squared away the next night and Mackenzie gave Zaley her birthday treat.

I was recently shopping at Target for a few last minute items and making sure Santa had everything he might need for a trip through our home. Since I needed food for our mutt and it was next to treats and toys for puppies, I figured I could help Santa out and direct some specific help his way in an effort to make sure that Zaley isn’t forgotten if Santa should manage to stop by our home. The lady at the check out was grateful for me reminding her to get the puppy something for Christmas. She said she forgot last year… I told her it was okay that I’m sure her dog forgave her. Zaley certainly is a lucky puppy to be so loved especially by our actual human child… Good thing Chris let me get our fur baby so many years ago so we could test run the parental responsibility thing on our mutt first. I am still working on getting all the parenting details nailed down and right. At least our puppy is willing to forgive when I miss giving the treat out on the correct birthday. I am sure Mackenzie would never let me get away with forgetting her day.

While I don’t ask Zaley to turn into a coachman in my Cinderella story. I am awfully glad she is ours even when she tries my patience. Hug the ones you love especially your furry friends. And don’t forget to help Santa out with your furry friends and their stockings.


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