List Making

I’m a planner and I like list making… I need to figure out how to get better at electronic lists though. I have two apps on my phone that I like for different lists. Keep is the one Chris and I share and use for groceries and other needs for our home. Me I use a post it notes checklist app for things I am thinking of and that I will need to remember later.


I also really like keeping paper lists that I can check off items that have been accomplished. Sometimes I wonder how I am going to keep everything that needs to be done in control. I swear I feel better when I’ve written it done and then can cross it off when I’ve accomplished something. Do you ever take the time to look back on the lists you created for yourself? What are you proud of getting checked off your lists? My other favorite part of paper lists is they can be colorful. Each color can be for something else or a different day of the week.

I even started a bullet journal that basically turned into a book of a ton of lists. How do you keep track of your never ending to do list? Does it bring you Joy to cross things off your lists?


Do you have as many different lists as me and in so many forms and places? A work list, a daily list, a list for projects, a list for ideas, a list of your favorite things? How often do you reference a list?

Whatever is on your list(s) I hope you take time to stop and enjoy some hugs from those you love!

One thought on “List Making

  1. You don’t get your list making skills from me! I use them for groceries now, and party planning menus, etc. But my old “work” lists drove everyone else crazy. I usually wrote in every direction, not looking as I would talk to someone and fill a page in scribbly text. I’d cross off as done, but they were terribly messy!


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