Have you ever been so thankful for the influences you’ve seen set before you from strong women in your life? Have they all been your Grandma? Yep, me I am so lucky to have many of them in my life that I look forward to growing up just like them. May I make it to 90-something like a few of mine. Last week was my Grandma Cannon’s 91st birthday. She is a strong independent woman who I so enjoy seeing her continued spunk as she lives her life each and every day.

This week we will celebrate the life of my Grandma Musselman who lived a wonderful life into her nineties. She raised four awesome kiddos including my stepmom Anne. I am so lucky to have had Grandma Musselman in my life for the last 30 years. When Anne married my Dad I was blessed with a lovely tough but incredibly strong woman in Grandma Beverly. I look forward to celebrating her life this weekend surrounded by family that loved her.

Grandma Norma Shannon has been an angel for a few years now but she was in her nineties as well when she passed away. She taught me to love sewing and making things for others. I am so happy she taught me so many things and I continue to see her influence on my daily life.

I have a couple other Grandmas too thanks to my stepdad Mert who has been gone for more than 20 years. Grandma Torgeson and Grandma Brady his mothers are still part of my life even if it isn’t nearly as often. I have certainly been blessed to have lots of Grandmas in my life.

Mackenzie gets to enjoy lots of Grandmas herself as her Momma has so many lovely examples of moms in her life. Grandma Aileen, Grandma Anne & Grandma Gloria are surely going to be huge cheerleaders for our girl in the years to come. I don’t write this blog post because it was just mother’s day. I believe everyday should be a day to celebrate the strong ladies helping to guide us to lead fulfilling and happy lives. Mackenzie and I are certainly blessed with some of the strongest and lovely ladies I know.

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