Anne of Green Gables still brings me joy

Anne of Green GablesI must admit that one of my favorite books-turned-into-movies is Anne of Green Gables. Most of the time I prefer the book to any movie made or adapted from a book. However I so love the Anne of Green Gables series of both books and the TV mini series movies made in 1985. I was six when they were first on television. I cannot tell you how old I was when I first saw them. I can tell you I watched them over and over again once I found them. I remember clearly the times spent at my Grandma and Grandpa Shannon’s home watching them at their house on PBS.

I believe I had the entire series of books read at least two times as a child. I believe both Grandma and Grandpa read all the books too – it is for sure a well loved set of classic books that gave me and is still giving me hours of joy.

I still have all of the books and the VHS version of the TV series. I cannot wait to introduce Mackenzie to both the books and the movies. I am so excited to say that I actually have hooked up a VHS player so I can watch the movies again… Yep, I still have a working VHS player and the series in VHS… nope I don’t want to upgrade my technology and see it more clearly as it plays.

Have a wonderful day finding memories that bring you joy… me I will be in my blanket fort enjoying Anne spelled with an E.