Quilted together

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The memories and fabrics flow together in a good quilt on my bed. The matriarch of the Shannon clan, the woman that I call Grandma Shannon made that quilt and so many of the memories in my head these past two weeks.

She also raised 8 kids the youngest of them my dad. She helped quilt together quite a large clan of us over her 93 years here on earth. She was so many things to so many of us, wife to my Grandpa for so very many years, a mother, grandma, and great grandma. She taught us all so many things, sewing being one of my favorites. Her quilts and blankets are priceless and will be forever cherished… pretty sure there is even a scrapbook of those works of art that her offspring has in their homes.

We also had the fun of Easter egg hunts as cousins in her backyard, I may have to start one of those this year in my own back yard to help keep that memory alive. I don’t know how I could ever amass the amount of teddy bears she had in her front porch piano room. Those Teddy Bears served many purposes beyond a simple hug of a grandchild, they were also the bombs we tossed around the living room in her home as we had massive teddy bear wars against one another.

She taught me to be a kind and sweet person. For that I will be forever grateful. We have laid her to rest and I will be remembering her the rest of my lifetime especially as I lay under the quilts she crafted together with her two hands. Thank you Grandma for a lifetime of lessons in quilting and crafting together love!

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