Picture Perfect


It’s hard to believe that the one month mark has come and gone already; where does time go? We took pictures to mark the one-month milestone, Chris being the photographer and me his assistant. The photo session we attempted at home just wasn’t the same as having Shelley (our amazing wedding photographer and now baby photographer) take pictures when Mackenzie was nine days old. Despite the crying and squirming, we did manage to get a few good ones though, too.


I’m so excited I received the photos Shelley shot for us from our newborn session. I cannot wait to get started on my scrapbook for Mackenzie and I have lots of ideas and embellishments ready to go. But I will probably need to block out time on my calendar to make it possible this year since 2014 is going to be a busy one.

I have ordered copies of many photos already, though. Who wants to set a scrapbooking date with me so I can get started? Along with the prints I also created a birth announcement on the site; hopefully those will make it out in the mail before I go back to work in about two weeks. Time does fly …

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