Mommy and Mackenzie Adventure Last week

dressThe most recent adventure for Mommy and Mackenzie was the two-week-old’s first (but definitely not last) trek to the Mall of America. We met Grandpa and Grandma Hill and Aunt Taylor last week in one of the facility’s parking ramps, and because the elevator was out-of-order, they got to help carry the stroller down to the skyway level for us. From there we went round and round in a giant circle until we found the elevator (apparently these contraptions are now needed with the stroller) in the store so we could start our shopping adventure.



Grandpa took charge of the stroller on level three so Mom could shop for a perfectly sized nursing bra; (Yippy, this showed up in today’s delivery from UPS since it had to be shipped to the house). From there, it was on to the children’s section where Grandpa couldn’t resist  picking out a new monkey book for our little monkey Mackenzie.


We wandered some more and found a dress for Mackenzie to wear at Aunt Elizabeth’s wedding coming up in May before taking a break for lunch where we all played a game of “pass the baby around the table.” Following lunch we made our way through the amusement park in the center of the mall. Oh the fun that will happen when Mackenzie is old enough for amusement parks! There was also a quick stop at the Peeps Store – who knew that there was an entire store for those sugary marshmallow treats?


And before we could end our day at the mall, we had to make a quick trip into the American Girl Doll store where the tiny dolls are almost the same size as Mackenzie.

2 thoughts on “Mommy and Mackenzie Adventure Last week

  1. hi kate! hope mommy-hood is going well! she is so stinkin’ cute!! hey, where did you go to get fitted for a nursing bra? did they have nursing bras in the store? i have yet to do that and probably should before i get out in public too much 🙂


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